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Maple Blues nominee Brandon Isaak releases melancholy new single: ‘What’s This World Coming To?’


Born in Whitehorse, YT and now based on Vancouver Island, four-time 2024 Maple Blues Award nominee Brandon Isaak offers another delightful melancholy single in ‘What’s This World Coming To?’ from his new album One Step Closer.

Brandon’s ability to deliver a slow-burning blues epic that’s simple yet powerful, tugging on the heartstrings of his audience, is one of his unique talents. His musical style comprises old-world blues, with vintage tones offering poetic and humourous lyrics dancing around an eclectic mix of rootsy vocals, springy guitars and dirty harmonica. You can hear influences from Taj Mahal, B.B. King and Lightnin’ Hopkins.

Brandon’s stage presence has been cultivated over 35 years of touring and taking his audiences on an emotional journey at every show. Engaging with audiences consistently leaves his performances beaming and full of warmth.

‘What’s This World Coming To?’ is a simple yet complex track, offering calm layers of bell-like slide guitars, chugging tremolo and the slow heartbeat of a drum. A simple electric piano and organ dance effortlessly in the background while Brandon’s vocals take centre stage, telling a story of a crazy world where war, religion, politics, and the human condition are all at the forefront.

Brandon’s calm and gravelly vocals sit on top of ‘What’s This World Coming To?’ He reminds us that we all live in this world together and need to look after one another. The song plays out as a wave of downbeat news reports take over the final moments of the new track.

“The way the world has been going lately has been hard to watch,” he said. “It’s depressing, and I try hard to always find the positives in this crazy world we live in.

“That being said, one must create art, and art is a statement of our human condition. So, this song is a darker theme about modern life here on earth. This song took me about 20 minutes to write, and it seems whenever you write about the truth, it tends to fall straight onto the paper.”



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