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Eclectic Revival’s single ‘Boring With Me’ says pretty much what a lot of us are thinking


Sometimes, you just want the simple things. This is especially true if you are introverted and face the daily toll of commuting to work, taking care of family, and attempting to socialize. Hamilton, ON-based folk-rock band Eclectic Revival understands this yearning and champions the introvert life in their new single “Boring With Me.”

Recorded and mixed at Lincoln County Social Club in Toronto by John Dinsmore, mastered by Phil Demetro, and featuring Miranda Mulholland on fiddle, it’s a bluegrass-inspired tune written by Nick Brodie for his wife Christine, about finding joy in the boring little everyday things about sharing a life with the one you love.

The next verse chugs along to the fast-paced rhythm as Nick Brodie sings of how being at work and commuting to work keeps him away from the one he loves.

Consider it a marriage proposal for introverts. In a world where life is filled to the brim with urgency, “Boring with Me” is a celebration of finding joy in simple everyday moments with the one that you love.”

Eclectic Revival is a five-piece Celtic fusion band based jointly out of Brampton and Hamilton. Founded in 2004, the band plays an eclectic mix of east coast traditional, original rock and blues, and popular bar covers. With backgrounds that include acting and standup comedy as well as music, an Eclectic Revival show is frequently an audience participation event. Their influences include Great Big Sea, Barenaked Ladies, and Mumford & Sons.

They debuted with their album Life & Love in 2017. In July 2023, they returned with the single, “Cry Havoc,” the first from their new album, Weight of The World. The single is a bluesy, soulful lament that serves as a poignant reflection on the burdens of existence while evolving into a powerful call to action. Their follow up single, “Inspired” was released in September and contains a message of empowerment in a fusion of blues, rock, and ska.


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