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Ryan Kennedy – ‘Burning Cult’ (official video)


After releasing a series of unplugged music videos this past summer, singer-songwriter Ryan Kennedy is proud to complete the collection with the official music video for his track “Burning Cult.”

And we’re thrilled to premiere it here on Roots Music Canada.

The video, produced by UniForce Productions, takes place in a doll house. The heroine in the story is seen holding a sparkler and as she is surrounded by smoke and the house ignites into flames, a hand appears and saves her. She is finally free to escape from those haunting her as the house burns around her.

Ryan’s performance in “Burning Cult” is incredibly moving — featuring evocative vocals and a cinematic soundscape that capture a journey of breaking free and moving on.

The track comes from Libertine, Ryan’s third album, which was released in February.

For the first time in his career, Ryan let himself be transported by the keys of his piano, and the result reaches far beyond his previous folk work. With Libertine, you can expect a more profound pop sound, touches of country and rock, and hints of the 1970s and 1980s influences of Bruce Springsteen and Elton John.

Ryan is known to be a great entertainer, both on stage and on record, thanks to his unique voice and his unique songs, each as catchy as the next. Listeners will be swept away by Ryan’s distinctive vocals accompanied by piano ballads, lush arrangements and soulful melodies.

A native of Morin Heights in Quebec’s Laurentian region, the same town that was home for many years to the legendary Penny Lang, Ryan Kennedy found a passion for music in his early childhood. He is an accomplished singer-songwriter that dances between folk and indie rock sensibilities and sports a passion for aviation.

He was first discovered during the 2015 season of La Voix, before being invited to The Voice France in 2018. He has two original albums to his credit, namely Love Is Gold (2017) and Home Fires (2015), for which he’s received some rave reviews. “Honest Song” earned him the prize for the most popular French song in Quebec at the SOCAN Gala in 2018. It was ranked among the five most played songs on Quebec radio stations between 2016 and 2017.

The talented artist is used to presenting his world through a multi-sided prism. He navigates past demons, lives his more luminous present and contemplates the promising future that stands before him – all of this in both the languages of Shakespeare and Molière.


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