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Jam band Road Waves’ releases a 10-minute song about a frog and heads out on tour


How many songs do you know about a frog on a rock? Not even Kermit sang about the simplicity of hanging out on your pad, but the latest single from Ontario-based jam band Road Waves strays no further.

“Frog Rock” is as advertised, outlining the story of a frog who can’t wait to go to his favorite rock and enjoy everything it and its surroundings have to offer. In typical Road Waves fashion, the bouncy tune lasts for nearly 10 minutes, with loads of captivating melodies and harmonies interwoven into the consistently positive and upbeat sound.

When he wrote the song, Road Waves vocalist and guitarist Ji Sharp said its playfulness was a way for him to cope.

“I wrote ‘Frog Rock’ with the intention of bringing more lighthearted fun into the world,” he explained. “As life became increasingly dark and challenging for me, I felt compelled to create something that had a no hidden agenda or profound message – although one could argue that the absence of such is a statement itself.”

Turning to light to shield from darkness, Ji penned lyrics that infuse a child-like wonder with nuances that adults can appreciate.

That was intentional, he said. He wanted to make something that anyone could find solace in.

“While many musicians choose to write songs about love or heartbreak, I wanted to create a story that could be enjoyed by everyone,” he said. “From toddlers to the elderly, I aimed to craft a tale centered around an endearing frog who simply wants to revel in his time on his little rock.”

One day after Road Waves released “Frog Rock” on Spotify, the streaming platform added it to its editorial playlist, Modern Jam Bands, and in three months, the song has amassed more than 15,000 streams and 3,000 views on YouTube. Perhaps Ji’s plan is working.

Road Waves is about much more than streams, though. Since its founding in 2014, performing live has been central to the band’s identity. Over the last five years especially, hitting the road has been regular for the group, extensively touring across Canada and the United States with energetic, soulful, and funky shows that consistently push the bar.

When the pandemic forced worldwide shutdowns in 2020, Road Waves began doing concerts over livestream and used video to stay in touch with the fans they would usually interact with in person. Near the end of the 2020 summer, the band successfully engineered a social-distanced drive-in concert, further testament to the energy it puts into delivering live music for its listeners.

“Our shows are built on a philosophy of playing from our hearts and open minds, making for an exciting journey with a huge sound,” Ji said. “The synergy with our audience is apparent from the start, and each time a song is played, it grows and develops as a better version of itself – much like the living being that is music.”

Road Waves is on tour now, traversing across the Eastern Time Zone. Here are their upcoming dates:

Nov. 16 – Toucan Pub Kingston ON
Nov. 18 – Jethro’s Bar Peterborough ON
Nov. 23 – Meteor Windsor ON
Nov. 25 – Heartwood Concert Hall Owen Sound ON


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