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Myk Gordon delivers stirring Americana Roots-Rock with ‘Born To Be’


Vancouver, BC-based singer-songwriter Myk Gordon has released his brand-new Americana roots-rock single, “Born To Be,” the first single off his new album of the same name.

Myk is different from your typical musical artist. Alongside his successful music career, he is a high-ranking teacher of Aikido and works as a private practice psychotherapist. These vocations allow him to draw on all aspects of the physical, mental and spiritual world, channeling his experiences into songwriting.

“Born To Be” was recorded in the vibrant music scene of Portland, OR and included a talented ensemble featuring Portland bassist Damian Erskine, nephew of famed jazz drummer Pete Erskine, and the return of Vancouver-based guitar virtuoso Paul Rigby, known for his work with Neko Case and New Pornographers. This new release showcases Myk’s ability to blend various musical influences as he draws inspiration from artists like early Elvis Costello or Crowded House.

Lyrically, the single delves into the existential struggles of an imaginary protagonist who has overcome physical and spiritual obstacles in their quest for self-discovery, with the chorus posing the question: “Aren’t we, aren’t we ever free? / Aren’t we, aren’t we born to be?”

To complement the release of “Born To Be,” Myk Gordon has prepared an accompanying music video that pays homage to one of the iconic moments in music history – Bob Dylan’s 1965 promotional film for “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” Directed by Kryshan Randel, the video features a diverse range of individuals holding cue cards with lyrics from the song, capturing the universal yearning for freedom in a world that often pressures us to conform.

Stay tuned for more music from Myk Gordon as he continues to captivate audiences with his timeless talent and unwavering passion for music.


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