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Watch Alex Cuba’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert


Chances are I’m not the only person who has discovered new artists through NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series.

The American public broadcaster has taken a shockingly simple concept – “Hey let’s shoot video of someone playing a few songs in our office” – into a beloved institution.

Recent performers include Bono and the Edge.

In honour of Latin Heritage Month, NPR has launched a Latin music Tiny Desk Concert series called El Tiny, and one of the first artists featured is Grammy winner Alex Cuba.

The four-song set was just released yesterday and already has around 50,000 views.

Alex Cuba starts his turn behind the Tiny Desk with the barest of musical essentials: a percussive guitar rhythm, the soft scratch of a güiro and a miniature choir.

“Ciudad Hembra (La Habana),” a lament for his hometown, sets a deliberate slow burn for this performance.

From there, her performs “De Camino” and “Chekere” before closing the set with his love song for his wife, “Sarah.”
Watch the concert for yourself here!


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