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Selina Boland’s latest single was inspired by the loss of her mother


Selina Boland from St. John’s, NL is known for her acoustic folk with a touch of the Atlantic Ocean breeze. Her latest album, released in June, is All These Hours.

The full-length album features Selina’s latest single, “The Way it Goes,” written in the wake of her mother’s passing.

It delves into the depths of grief and the yearning for a loved one’s presence once again. Selina expresses her sentiments behind the meaning of the song by saying, “It speaks to the journey of acceptance and the hope that springs forth for those who believe they will reunite with their loved ones someday.”

Born into a musical family, the free-spirited, passionate singer-songwriter carries on her late mother’s legacy as she pours her heart and soul into every lyric and haunting melody. Influenced by the rich traditions of Newfoundland, as well as folk music and ‘60s rock, Selina’s music offers a heartfelt and introspective journey for her audience with her poetic storytelling accompanied by the gentle strumming of her acoustic guitar.

All These Hours is a testament to Selina’s exceptional talent and her ability to touch hearts with her music. She offers a collection of soul-stirring songs that explore the depths of human emotions, inviting listeners to suspend their realities and embark on a musical journey that resonates long after the final note fades away.

Selina’s hard work and dedication have paid off as she received nominations for Female Artist of the Year and Pop/Rock Recording of the Year at the MusicNL Awards in 2015, while her second EP, Second Chances, showcased her growth as an artist and earned her a live interview and performance on CBC’s Wake up the ECMAs. She then embarked on a cross-Canada tour, gracing stages at East Coast Music Week and closing the tour at the renowned Brigus Blueberry Folk Festival and Squidfest, where she had the honour of opening for Juno-nominated The Once, Sherman Downey, Shanneyganock, and The Masterless Men.

In recent years, the creative and versatile musician has expanded her horizons by captivating audiences across Europe with performances in Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and Örebro, Sweden, where she solidified her place as an international talent. Her third album, The Cold, released in 2019, further propelled her career, with notable performances across western Canada, including an opening act for Port Cities in Calgary, AB.

Selina has racked up many memorable accomplishments throughout her career, including singles “Orphan” and “Hero,” which reached the Top Ten Songs in the NL section of the National Songwriting Competition in 2008. “Orphan” also served a greater purpose, raising funds for the Bring Me Hope Foundation, supporting orphans in China. Her debut EP, Defined is Confined, featured the powerful track, “A Man Riding a Donkey” and was selected for the iTunes AMAZING Compilation, a project aimed at raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.


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