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Home Routes is back! Here’s the line-up for October


Canada’s largest house concert network as returning this fall for the first series of in-person events since COVID-19 shut down the live music circuit in 2020. And also for the first time since the death of its founder, Mitch Podolak.

The first round of performances from Oct. 16 to 30 will feature Bobby Dove, T. Nile, Saligaude, Alan Gerber, Mary Liv, Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner & James Culleton and Mirja Klippel & Alex Jonnson.

A further 35 artists will be announced throughout the 2023/2024 season.

“The artists we are working with this year include some fan favourites from past years, some up-and-coming artists and several handpicked performers that we personally love seeing on stage,” said Home Routes’ new co-executive director Leonard Podolak, Mitch’s son and the leader of the Juno-winning, Grammy-nominated band the Duhks.

“We had a great time doing some firsthand research and we are very excited to be sharing them with these audiences.”

Leonard is sharing the ED role these days with Cathy Crawford, while Mitch’s widow and Home Routes co-founder, Ava Kobrinsky, serves as general manager.

“Our vision for Home Routes now extends beyond a mere platform,” Leonard said. “It’s a catalyst for nurturing engagement between audiences and artists on all levels. This aspiration fuels our ongoing efforts.”

For tour dates and information on how to purchase tickets, please visit http://www.homeroutes.ca.

Here’s more about the artists performing in October:

Southern British Columbia: Bobby Dove

Montreal-born singer-songwriter Bobby is a magnetic presence in the world of country and folk music. With a voice as powerful as their storytelling, Bobby pays tribute to the golden age of traditional country while crafting original, emotionally charged songs. Their sophomore album, Hopeless Romantic (2021), features collaborations with esteemed Canadian country musicians, including Jim Cuddy, Bazil Donovan, Jimmy Bowskill, and Burke Carroll.

Bobby’s musical roots trace back to Montreal’s Hillbilly Mondays at The Wheel Club, under the mentorship of legendary steel player Bob Hill. They’ve since shared stages with luminaries like Mary Gauthier, Richard Thompson, and Lavender Country, captivating audiences across Canada and Europe.

Northern British Columbia: T. Nile

An award-winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, T. Nile traces her musical journey from her early days in a remote Galiano Island cabin. Her father, who performed as “Dan the Man, The One Man Band,” took inspiration from his own mentor and blues legend Jesse Fuller of “San Francisco Blues” fame, and in turn, prepared T. Nile for an unconventional life by engaging in cross-continental touring in an RV starting when she was six.

T’s rich experiences have fueled her eclectic music career and have earned her accolades like the Best New/Emerging Artist prize at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. T. Nile’s extensive North American and European tours, three albums, four EPS, and multiple singles have solidified her presence in Canadian music. Currently, she is preparing to hit the road with her upcoming album, Hello Life.

Northern Alberta: Saligaude

Thierry Clouette, the creative force behind Saligaude, weaves compelling musical tales that draw from real-life experiences. His unique blend of progressive folk transitions between buoyant, tradition-inspired rhythms and poignant folk melodies. His show includes an eclectic mix of acoustic instruments and synthesized sounds, making for a richly textured musical landscape.

Known also for his contributions to the Montreal trad trio É.T.É, Thierry takes on the roles of songwriter, producer, mixer and performer for Saligaude. His multifaceted talents shine through on his recently released album, Demain mercredi (2021); showcasing a knack for crafting emotive narratives and evoking a range of emotions through a form that is proving to be both timeless and contemporary.

Southeast British Columbia: Alan Gerber

Quebec-based musician Alan Gerber is celebrated for his remarkable versatility as a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter. As a founding member of Elektra Records recording group, Rhinoceros, with a mastery of instruments such as piano, guitars (acoustic and electric slide), fiddle, and button accordion, Alan has left an indelible mark on Canadian music. His songwriting prowess and soulful vocals, coupled with a blues and folk-infused style, have brought him to the stage alongside legends like Bob Dylan, BB King, Van Morrison, and Janis Joplin. With a rich legacy in blues and folk, Alan Gerber continues to captivate audiences through his authentic storytelling and compelling live performances.

Saskatchewan: Mary Liv

Mary Liv, an emerging artist from Saskatchewan, has a passion for old-time that comes through in her captivating performances that evoke laughter, tears, and plenty of foot-tapping. Her deep-rooted love for fiddle, banjo, and guitar began at the age of five. She formed the sisterly duo of Mary Liv and Emmy Lou, playing American old-time and bluegrass standards alongside their originals. She contributes both banjo and fiddle as a vital member of Five Guys Named Dave, and has also recently played with the likes of The Local Group, Lost Highway Navigators, Christopher James Vasseur, Joseph Desjarlais, Eliza Mary Doyle, Justin Labrash, and Jake Vaadeland.

In October, her debut fiddle album, Fiddlin’ Around, will charm audiences with Canadian old-time classics, bluegrass favourites, and original compositions, showcasing her musical prowess and creativity.

Manitoba/Saskatchewan: Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner & James Culleton

Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner—a multi-disciplinary performing artist from Sainte-Rose-du-Lac, Manitoba, now based in Winnipeg—has spent over a decade touring the world with the folk-pop trio Red Moon Road and honing his skill by delving into his cultural heritage. Gifted with a commanding voice and a mystery of eclectic musical instruments, Daniel attributes his artistic sensibilities to being raised in the western plains. His attunement to the natural world is reflected in his captivating musical landscapes, inviting listeners to explore his world of enchanting lyrics and melodies, where curiosity fuels artistry.

James Culleton is a Winnipeg-based songwriter and storyteller who weaves together art and history, along with his English and French roots throughout his multimedia-based work, combining visual art, puppets and props.

Ontario: Mirja Klippel & Alex Jonnson

Mirja Klippel, a Finnish-born artist now residing in rural Denmark, has made her mark on the alternative folk scene by weaving the stark beauty of Nordic scenery through her music with a thread of longing. It draws on inspiration from Finnish folk, Americana, spherical dream-pop and indie in a way that is both beautiful and tragic in the most romantic sense.

Mirja’s debut EP, Lift Your Lion (2016), showcased to the world her talents as a songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, while her second album, Slow Coming Alive (2021), took a more introspective approach as she explored the Finnish poems of her youth and addressed universal themes of social justice set to the sounds of intimate chamber music. For this, she has earned three Danish Music Awards Roots nominations. Mirja is joined by her long-time musical companion, guitarist Alex Jønsson.




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