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Edmonton Celtic rockers Derina Harvey Band have a new album out inspired by NL


Here’s another single that came out this summer that we’re catching up on now here on Roots Music Canada.

From its opening explosive fiddle riff, to its driving dance-floor chorus, the award-winning Derina Harvey Band has created a dazzling ball of Celtic rock in its latest single ‘Waves of Home’ from the new album of the same name, which came out in June. This single features powerful sweet vocals from frontwoman Derina Harvey, accompanied by a raucous fiddle, solid instrumental backing and a stomping beat.

People have described the Derina Harvey Band as sounding like Great Big Sea if they upped their rock game and recruited Adele on vocals.

Derina delivers an exciting Celtic stomper on “Waves of Home,” one of eight original tracks and three re-imagined folk songs on the record.

Hailing from the East Coast, but now based in Edmonton, Derina explained, “I’ve always been inspired by the honest folk songs of my native Eastern Canada. I believe that people across Canada are connected by their triumphs and tragedies… The lyrics of the album explore connections to self, connections to community, and our interactions with the land.”

‘Waves of Home’ is described by Derina as a Celtic pop-rock anthem, an invitation to Canada’s east coast that kicks off with overdriven guitars and an unmistakable riff that is layered with Irish-inspired fiddle, Hardanger fiddle, and bouzouki; one that weaves in and out of the vocals and instrumentation.

There are hints of UK folk ensemble Bellowhead running throughout the single. And there are some quiet moments during which listeners can really appreciate the harmonies.

“The majority of these songs were written and recorded in Edmonton,” Derina said.

“That said, if we’re considering the entire writing process, from inspiration to finished work, then technically, these songs were written across the country, with songwriting sessions happening everywhere from a shed by the ocean in outport Newfoundland to behind the wheel on a Rocky Mountain highway.”

The traditional folk songs on the album include “Northern Lights of Labrador” and “This Is My Home,” pared-down tracks that provide a balance to the energy of the rest of the record.

The album was mainly recorded at the Audio Department in Edmonton, engineered and mixed by Derina Harvey Band’s own Scott Greene.

It features Steve Pinsent on drums and percussion, Edward Smith on bass, keys, and vocals, Jessica Blenis on fiddle, viola, Hardanger fiddle, and vocals, and Scott Greene on guitars, bouzouki, banjo and vocals. Now all based in Edmonton, this top-rated pool of musicians always keeps up with Derina, supporting her energizing vocals and allowing her intention to shine through.



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