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How Christopher Jackson overcame writers block to write ‘Only You’


When inspiration seems far away, sometimes all you really need to do is look no further than the one you love. Kingston, ON singer-songwriter Christopher Jackson chronicles that moment of divine realization on his single “Only You,” available now.

“I was going through a period of ‘writer’s block,’” Christopher recalled, “and could not come up with any music or lyric ideas. I was feeling stuck and frustrated until my partner, Nicole, told me to snap out of this funk and just write whatever I’m thinking about. I chirped back, ‘The only thing I’m gonna write about is you.’ That line sprouted the single.”

The result is three minutes of sunny, 70s inspired roots rock, ready-made for swaying under the stars or skipping down the street. Christopher showcases his talents as a multi-instrumentalist on the track, playing acoustic guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Kingston, ON guest musician Spencer Evans accompanies him on the piano and clarinet.

“The feel of the song was influenced by an old Pink Floyd tune, ‘San Tropez.’” Christopher said. “The theme is about overthinking the process, and trying to find something to write about when it was in front of me the whole time. My beautiful woman.”

The single is the first off of Christopher’s debut album as a solo artist, coming off of a 25-year career singing and playing in cover groups, session recordings, and venue house bands. Christopher has built a reputation as a well-rounded and engaging performer at his popular “Chris Jackson & Friends” Friday night show at BluMartini in Kingston.

“This album encapsulates events and experiences in my life over the last few years,” he said. “The sudden stillness of the pandemic in 2020 gave me an opportunity to dig deep to expose my authenticity and release things from the past. There are songs about love, pain, and loss; about successes, failures, ownership; and about growth and sobriety. There wasn’t a concept or genre I was chasing. These songs came out naturally, reflecting what I was going through at the time.”

Co-produced and engineered by Paul “Doc” Halladay, the album is sure to cement Christopher’s status as a solo artist. Music lovers and hopeless romantics alike, rejoice!


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