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Carla Muller toasts her 32-year relationship on ‘Another Morning After’


It’s easy to take what we have for granted in the moment, and Woolwich, ON-based folk artist Carla Muller perfectly captures that sentiment with her new single “Another Morning After.”

Featuring whimsical violin, acoustic guitar, banjo, and upright bass, “Another Morning After” is both celebratory and introspective, taking the listener through snapshots in the life of a couple, beginning with their courtship and ending with them looking forward to the rest of their lives together. In fact, it’s actually the story of Carla and Tom, her husband of 32 years.

“‘Another Morning After’ is about everything we have to look forward to,” muses Muller. “Just one more morning after a special day. The morning after the first time you knew you were in love. The first morning of your honeymoon. The morning after your little one came into this world, as you settle into your new life together. And it’s easy to think you’re running out of firsts, but there are still so many morning afters to come.”

The song features cowriter Scott Metcalfe on piano, cowriter Drew Jurecka on violin, Chris Quinn on banjo, Nathan Hiltz on acoustic guitar, Ross MacIntyre on upright bass, and Dave MacDougall on drums and cajón.

Carla Muller is a singer-songwriter from Woolwich, ON. This is the first track from the upcoming In Between album, which is a part of the In Between Project, a six-album project currently in production at Canterbury Music Company in Toronto. She also owns a children’s boutique called Baby Charlotte in Kitchener, ON.


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