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Loryn Taggart’s cinematic folk-pop ballad is an auspicious preview of her debut album

Photo Credit: Jen Squires

Just when the track list was set for her forthcoming album, Loryn Taggart found inspiration in fellow Canadian artist Jadea Kelly’s 2022 release, Happy. In the middle of the pandemic, Loryn took a chance and connected with Jadea to gauge her interest in a songwriting session, and it was then that Jadea suggested that her producer and collaborator Joe Moralez join them.

“We all hopped on a call, and I shared a piano and drum riff that I had in my Dropbox with the two of them; they loved it. That piano riff and drum line made it into the final track,” recalled Loryn.

Photo Credit: Jen Squires

Written over Zoom in three different time zones, “Lighthouse” is a cinematic folk-pop ballad about losing yourself along the journey of life and trying your hardest to find hope in the everyday mundane things. It’s about trying to trust yourself, but failing. The lyrics “happy but then I lose myself in someone else sometimes” is an ode to Jadea’s song “Happy.”

We’re thrilled to help debut the song today on Roots Music Canada. It’s a lush, dreamy contemporary folk-pop number that provides the perfect soundtrack to being lost in thought.

Produced and engineered by Joe Moralez and Loryn Taggart, “Lighthouse” was mixed by Marcus Paquin and Mastered by Joao Carvalho. Loryn and Joe’s incredible vocals were a perfect match for the song, melding together flawlessly creating an emotive soundscape for the listener.

Loryn Taggart – “The Reunion” track-by-track video

The song is about what it’s like to be lost in the dark, to lose trust in yourself after everything life has thrown at you,” explained Loryn.

“I’ve always loved lighthouses as metaphors for the journey back to yourself. They’re literally a beacon of light that pierces the darkness and brings you home, and that’s what I felt I needed to write about.

Accompanying the single release today, Loryn has also released the official music video for “Lighthouse.” This animated video by Hello Adventure Animation Studios in Toronto depicts a metaphorical story of a young woman trying to find her way through life. A story told through the perspective of a young woman who is burdened by her attachment to any hope she can find and follows it naively. She crosses paths with a giant who is chained down but is determined to help her find what she is looking for. The giant helps the young woman climb the mountain and into the stars where she belongs. The characters are a depiction of Pandora & Prometheus.

Loryn Taggart is a genre-bending Canadian Folk Music Award nominee who was raised in Alberta and is now based out of Montreal. Her single releases have garnered her multiple award nominations, an opportunity to tour with Donovan Woods and the role of David Bowie on a world tribute tour to showcase his “Berlin Trilogy” era of music. Loryn is thrilled to be releasing her debut album this September.

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