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Glen Foster’s latest single is a toast to the musician’s life


Warm days, wind in your hair, not a single care in the world. Nanaimo, BC-based singer-songwriter Glen Foster captures the ease and breeze of the perfect summer road trip with his new single “Different Highway” from his forthcoming album Unnatural Tendencies.

Using a 12-string electric guitar to imbue the song with a little bit o’ twang reminiscent of the Byrds’ Roger McGuinn or George Harrison on “Eight Days a Week,” Glen purposely sought a ’60s Summer of Love vibe on “Different Highway.”

The song waxes introspective and philosophical on the musician’s life itself.

“The concept is that musicians may be on a different highway, but still chasing the same old dream,” Glen explained.

A veteran musician, Glen had worked on the song on and off for 20 years, and it draws inspiration from his own life on the road. “When you’re on the circuit, you end up coming back to the same cities, seeing the same faces. Hence the girl I refer to in verse one who was ‘standing in line waiting there, ticket in her hand, excited to see me again…’”

The video features performance scenes interspersed with beautiful driving scenes on Vancouver Island, with Glen “behind the wheel, moving ahead…” as the song goes.

Glen Foster is a ‘do-it-all-himself” kind of guy. He writes his own songs, sings, plays multiple instruments, books his own gigs, and promotes and produces for his own record label and publishing company. He’s been an instrument repairman, salesman, teacher, and a music student with two silver medals from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Glen has been performing professionally for more than 40 years, and has released nine albums of his own compositions.


  1. Thank You Roots Music Canada for posting ‘Glen Foster’s latest single is a toast to the musician’s life’, about my latest single release with Glen Foster Group. I appreciate your support and providing this platform for focusing on homegrown Canadian talent. Best wishes with all you do. Regards, Glen


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