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Fun little Fog Blues & Brass Band single warns guys against marrying the wrong girl


Fog Blues & Brass Band, a talented and charismatic seven-piece ensemble of blues artists from Kitchener, ON are excited to announce the release of their latest single, “Too Deep,” a humourous little number warning guys to avoid marrying the wrong woman.

The new track is featured on the blues/rock band’s latest EP , 12 Bar Prescription, which debuted at #4 on the Roots Music Report’s Canadian Chart.

Known for their infectious, high-energy live performances and creative twists on the classic rock and blues sound, Fog Blues & Brass Band continues to captivate audiences with their powerful rock-infused music.

According to the band, this tune came together rather quickly.

“We’re a fun, easy-going type of band, and we like to keep our lyrics light and airy, poking fun at situational experiences we’ve encountered or stories about people we know,” said singer Hills Walter. “The subject matter of ‘Too Deep’ is something we all can relate to – those moments when a friend or family member falls head over heels for someone, but we know the relationship might not end well due to love blinders.”


After playing “Too Deep” live and witnessing the positive response from their audience, Fog Blues & Brass Band felt confident that the song would resonate with their fans. This confirmation inspired them to head straight to the recording studio to capture the magic.

“Music is an art, and we always want to create something meaningful and enjoyable for our listeners,” said Hills. “We might overthink things at times, but we’re considerate of people’s feelings, and we want to be good humans, spreading positivity through our music.”

Fog Blues & Brass Band arrived on the music scene with their debut album, Into The Fog! in 2018. Comprised of a group of seasoned musicians, Fog Blues & Brass Band’s live performances are nothing short of spectacular as their signature mix of classic blues, R&B, and rock creates a captivating and electrifying experience for all audiences.


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