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Dispatches from the Vancouver Island Music Festival day two (Saturday)

Rickie Lee Jones. Photo by Keith Nicol.

Saturday, July 15 was forecast to have temperatures in the high 20s and humidex values a bit higher, so the name of the game for much of Saturday was staying cool. The water fill location got lots of use as did the mobile water fill ups run by some of the 1,300 MusicFest volunteers. Congrats to all the volunteers. For us it was a day of sampling the amazing variety that Doug Cox brings together for MusicFest. For instance, we caught Out of Bark and Bone, a dance group from Montreal, to start on the main stage.

Four dancers in formation facing and reaching to the right with their right arms extended.
Out of Bone and Bark, a dance company from Montreal, performed on the Main Stage. Photo by Keith Nicol.

From there we sought shade and wanted to hear one of the young guitarists invited to MusicFest – Liam Docherty, who was at the Grassy Knoll Stage. He has been playing publicly since he was seven and has been the youngest person to be nominated for the Maple Blues Award! Then it was into the Barn, where we knew we would have shade, but the fact that the place was packed meant that you really didn’t cool down. The set we saw was called Groove-a-Go-Go and featured Jack Semple, the Paperboys and Sprig of That. They played their own music but then did a fun collaboration which produced a standing ovation from the full house.

The Paperboys wowed the crowd in the Barn. Photo by Keith Nicol.

Then it was 0ff to our favourite stage for beating the heat- the Woodland Stage – to hear Persian powerhouse Tissa Rahim followed by Nora Brown and Stephanie Coleman, who played banjo and fiddle. Both groups feature young performers, which is great to see at the festival. Then we took a break in the afternoon to cool off and recalibrate for the evening performances in the concert bowl.

Close up of Tissa singing into the mic.
Tissa Rahim. Photo by Keith Nicol.


We caught part of the Brother Brothers, who were followed by Roy Forbes, and then headliner Rickie Lee Jones took to the stage. She is a Grammy Award winner who has just written a book about her life called Last Chance Texaco. Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Galactic followed Rickie Lee Jones to conclude the evening. And there is still a full day to come. For more info on Sunday’s performers see www.islandmusicfest.com See you tomorrow!


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