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Okotoks’ Prairie Dogz can ‘Almost See The Sun’


The Prairie Dogz’ single “Almost See the Sun” is a hard-driving, heartfelt exploration of how to cope with the feelings of isolation and lack of connection that have no-doubt plagued many over the past few years.

The song’s narrator “finds himself in a dystopian world, in a society suffering from years of oppression,” vocalist and co-writer Keith Hambrook said. “He sees the loss of hope on peoples’ faces but finds solace and peace by seeing the woman he loves. He gains a brighter perspective because of his connection with her.”

The track was produced in collaboration with Calgary’s Jeff Muller and the Oregon-based Ron Nevison (Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Heart). It was Ron’s idea to recruit renowned drummer Denny Fongheiser (Heart, Tracy Chapman, Counting Crows, Theme song from “Friends,” “Hakuna Matata”).

“It was humbling to work with people responsible for so much iconic music,” Keith said.

The current five-piece lineup of The Prairie Dogz includes Dwight Kohen on lead vocals, Keith Hambrook on guitar, vocals and keyboard; Terry Studd on guitar and vocals; Dave Fast on bass; and Martin Wright on drums.

Keith, Dwight and Terry first met as members of a successful classic-rock cover band and decided after years of touring together that it was time to strike out on their own. They owe their sound in part to the blend of Dwight’s blues-influenced vocals and Keith’s rock guitar stylings, while their country credibility comes straight from lives spent on those wild Alberta prairies.

From party anthems to moving ballads, The Prairie Dogz aim to not only entertain but also challenge themselves – and each other – to express themselves the best they can.

With “Almost See the Sun,” they invite listeners to stand with them as they battle the darkness and look toward the light.


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