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Julian Taylor releases an acoustic version of ‘Seeds’ featuring Carsen Gray

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Juno-winning singer-songwriter Julian Taylor released a brand new version of his single “Seeds” on Friday, this time a gorgeous acoustic version featuring Carsen Gray.

It’s part of a three-song collection that also includes “Opening The Sky (Acoustic)” and “It’s Not Enough (Sunset Version).”

“Horrible events drove me to write this song,” Julian said of “Seeds.”

“It was written because of the discovery of the deaths of thousands of Indigenous children sent to residential schools and learning of the people who committed these crimes. It was written because of police brutality and systemic racism that people like me face and have faced. North American governments and the church tried to erase the identity of thousands of people, but despite these efforts, Indigenous culture and Black culture have remained steadfast and strong.

“It was important to try and do this song acoustically so the lyrics would really be heard. When Carsen Grey offered to sing on it, that was an incredible gift. Her voice is very gentle, and I even think it sounds childlike at times, which suits the song very well considering the meaning of it.

“‘Seeds’ is a message of resilience, strength, and the ability to overcome the greatest of obstacles. I always write about hope, and these lyrics celebrate the strength of the human spirit and convey a message of the potential for growth and achievement. They encourage perseverance and the belief that one can rise above challenges to fulfill their dreams.”

Have a listen to the acoustic collection, including “Seeds,” here:




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