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John Borra and Emily Triggs announce Ontario/Quebec tour


After completing a successful run of shows in Alberta last fall, John Borra and Emily Triggs are teaming up again to play Ontario and Quebec this June and July (see dates below). The pair’s shared love of classic twang is proving to be a winning combination, with their individual songwriting styles perfectly complementing one another.

Toronto native John has been building on the praise for his latest album Cassettes In Common, a collection of songs by some of his underappreciated peers such as Kyp Harness, Sam Larkin and Bob Snider.

“These are songs by people I know or have known, which gives it an extra specialness for me,” John said. “Some of them have never had a commercial release and some others are pretty obscure—or at least not in the popular consciousness. I think all of the songs and artists here are top notch and deserve recognition. It’s also how we keep songs alive. By doing them. It’s part of the folk tradition.”


Quebec-born, Calgary-based Emily is still supporting her most recent album, Middletown, which Roots Music Canada‘s Leslie Alexander described as, “a listening experience that creeps up on you like warmth after a winter chill. The contrast between light and shadow, vulnerability and strength, as well as hope and despair infuse this work with a maturity and depth that speaks of a life well-lived.” As a songwriter, Emily maintains a simple philosophy: all of life’s experiences, for better or worse, can be mined for the raw materials of a good song.


For more information about these artists, and to get full details on tour dates, go to johnborra.com or emilytriggs.com.


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