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Why yes, there WILL be cake. And free N95s too. 2 things to know about MooseFest


Here at Roots Music Canada, we’re celebrating our fifth anniversary on Sunday night with a one-night music festival at the Tranzac club packed with amazing talent.

We’re calling it MooseFest: Celebrating 5 years of Roots Music Canada. It’s named in honour of our masket and titual editor, Gordy the Moose.

You can get tickets HERE.

We’ve told you a lot about those wonderful musicians already: Dave Newland, Kunlé, Onion Honey, Noah Zacharin, Tragedy Ann, Tannis Slimmon and Lewis Melville, Lynn Harrison, So Long Seven and the Memberz.

And of course, we’ve told you about the triumphant reunion of our inconic (in our eyes) founders, Andy Frank and David Newland.

But there are two things we haven’t told you yet, so let’s get to those, shall we?

1. Free cake for the first 50 people through the door.

It’s our birthday! Of course we’re getting a cake! But cake is not known to last. So arrive early if you want a slice!

2. COVID safety

We will have FREE N95s at the door, and guests are encouraged to mask when not eating or drinking.

We will also have a small, portable carbon dioxide monitor on hand if anyone would like to check on the air quality in the space.

As you might know, the Tranzac has lifted its official mask mandate, but we encourage you to take precautions with your own safety and especially the safety of artists and other audience members. Artists can’t mask when performing, meaning their protection is on the rest of us. Long COVID, which often comes with fatigue and difficulty breathing, could easily end the career of an artist even if it only lasts a few months. Most artists do not have long-term disability benefits. So please consider taking precautions to reduce the risk of spreading COVID, and, for that matter, other viruses too.






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