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Check out our MooseFest playlist! Roots Music Canada’s 5th anniversary bash happens Sunday


Roots Music Canada is five years old this year, and we’re celebrating on Sunday night with an anniversary bash at the Toronto’s Tranzac.

We’re calling it MooseFest: celebrating 5 years of Roots Music Canada, and it’s special in a whole bunch of ways.

First, it’s being hosted by the ORIGINAL founders of Roots Music Canada, Andy Frank and David Newland, the guys who first launched this site on Gordon Lightfoot’s birthday in 2009. (Keep an eye on this site on Friday for a special feature on them).

Secondly, it features an incredible line-up of talent from beloved veterans of the folk community like David, Tannis Slimmon and Lewis Melville to exciting new discoveries like Kunlé and current contempoary folk favourites like Tragedy Ann.

Lynn Harrison, Onion Honey and Noah Zacharin have just put new albums out. They’ll be performing!

So will So Long Seven, featuring iconic Toronto tabla player Ravi Niampally.

And finally, we’ll close the show with the Memberz, the fantastic, uplifting reggae band featuring Roots Music Canada’s own Paul Corby.

If you haven’t heard some or all of these performers, we’ve made a Spotify playlist to introduce you. So next time you have a half hour to put some music on, have a listen and enjoy!

And then make sure you reserve your tickets to MooseFest: Celebrating 5 years of Roots Music Canada, this Sunday night at 7 p.m. at the Tranzac, 292 Brunswick, Toronto.

We can’t wait to see you!


  1. Ah, sweet anticipation! I find myself standin’ at the precipice of a grand celebration, the notes of folk music already dancin’ in the air, as if carried on the wind from the stage of the upcoming MooseFest. My heart beats to the rhythm of the promise, a harmonious blend of heritage and melody that Roots Music Canada is known for.

    Folks always been the language of my soul. Back in high school, I used to lose myself in the tunes of Conor Oberst, his lyrics echoing through the hallways of my youth. His songs were companions, their notes intertwined with my own memories. And now, as I look forward to MooseFest, I feel a similar surge of excitement. It’s like comin’ home.

    The festival, hosted by none other than the original founders of Roots Music Canada, feels like a love letter to music lovers like us. The lineup is a cornucopia of talent, each artist a story-teller, their instruments the brush, the stage their canvas. Just listening to the Spotify playlist is an experience in itself, a prelude to the symphony that awaits us.

    I can hardly wait to be amidst fellow music enthusiasts, to feel the vibration of the strings, the pulse of the drums, the resonance of the voices as they rise and fall in the summer air. There’s a sense of unity that only music can bring, a sense of belonging that sweeps over you as the first note hits your ears. That’s the promise of MooseFest. Not just a festival, but an experience, a journey through our shared love for music, our shared history.

    For those of you who share this passion, this affinity for the soulful tunes of folk music, I implore you to join us. Come, lose yourself in the music, let the rhythm guide you, let the melodies tell their stories. This isn’t just about buyin’ a ticket to a show, it’s about being a part of a celebration, a part of a community that cherishes the beauty and depth of our musical heritage.

    MooseFest beckons, and I find myself ready to answer its call. I hope to see you there, fellow music lovers. Let’s make some memories, let’s celebrate the power of music, together.


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