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Montreal folk artist Silka Weil’s single ‘Unsatisfied’ is about giving into what we want


Montreal-based folk-pop artist Silka Weil combines unapologetic sexiness with raw vulnerability on her jangly, electric-infused new single “Unsatisfied,” which tells a complex story of evolving emotions.

Silka’s voice captures the perfect amount of Stevie Nicks huskiness, and “Unsatisfied” doesn’t recount a narrative so much as it captures a heady cocktail of emotions in the aftermath of a story. It’s driving and soaring, with a slinky, gritty, slightly psychedelic sensibility. Lyrically, there’s shame and anger, but also jolts of naked desire.

In the corresponding video, Silka runs playfully through a snowy wood, leaning suggestively against the trees, and you can see her laugh a little when she sings the line “And screw me good/’Cause it’s not nice.” Eventually, she’s caught by a man whose face we never see – his arms wrapped around her lovingly. The final provocative shot is a closeup of a tree’s branches, the snow shaking off of them rhythmically.

“‘Unsatisfied’ is an unapologetic track about giving into what we want, consequences be damned,” Silka explained. “It provides a refreshingly honest take on female desire unburdened by social norms. It’s a fun and flirty track that defies the stale narrative that women can’t have as much of a libido as men have.”

The song captures Silka’s real emotions from a situation that felt complex, and the song changed from when it was first written to when it was recorded.

“Initially, I was exorcizing shame and anger. I was ashamed of myself for letting myself be mistreated and then crawling right back to the same situation,” she said. “But over time, I have leaned into something more playful and rebellious. I wasn’t a victim – I had agency, and I made choices. Even though the lyrics haven’t changed, I’ve managed to access another aspect of life in the song. Less shame and more reveling in the pleasure of the moment. Shame and pleasure do, on occasion, shadow one another.”

Silka purposely left the song, and the video, ambiguous so as to allow the listener to the fill in the narrative gaps.

“I explore the playful parts of the song more in the music video where I laugh and dance in a snowstorm,” she said. “While running from something or someone. Who or what? That is left to the imagination.”

Silka Weil is a Montreal-based singer-songwriter who has been active as a musician for several years. Her debut single, “Capsized,” her first commercial release, was well-received by critics and listeners alike and received international radio play. Her second single, “Unsatisfied,” is the precursor to a new EP.



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