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Genticorum: Au Coeur de L’Aube

Guitar in Woods

Spring has truly sprung. Au Coeur de L’Aube (In the Heart of Dawn) is a new CD by Genticorum, the seventh in the oeuvre of this terrific trad trio from Québec, and the theme has everything to do with re-birth and a new season. Inspired by the sounds of birds at the break of day, this is a wonderful celebration of life, love and the eternal search for peace and happiness.

Genticorum has been generating a tsunami of terrific music on the Quétrad scene for over two decades. They have toured internationally and presented the traditional music of Québec as world music on major stages from Europe to Australia to Malaysia. Despite the success, they are no strangers to coffee houses, dance halls, folk clubs and house concerts either. While their big stage shows are awesome, it is still a great pleasure to experience their music in a more intimate setting.

Pascal Gemme and Yann Falquet formed the foundation of Genticorum after meeting in a music session in Montreal in 2000. The group became a trio with the addition of Nicholas Williams in 2015. It’s been 23 years of exceptional music that invariably lifts your spirit and makes you want to dance.

Au Coeur de L’Aube evokes the dawn chorus in more than just its name. It’s a celebration of music that makes our hearts both soar skyward and melt with joy. This is happy, hopeful music that celebrates a new day in a new season.

A Breath of Fresh Air

There are twelve tracks on the album that are each timeless in their own way; allegorical songs often featuring birds, interspersed with really great instrumental tunes. There are songs that celebrate dance, the tastes of pleasure, and the search for love in beautiful places. The band members’ voices carry on the flavour and spirit of the new dawn theme.

Notable on this recording are gorgeous compositions from some of the recently departed greats of QuéTrad: Jean-Claude Mirandette (“Reel Lachance”), Mario Loiselle (“Fortcalquier”), and Édouard Richard (“Reel en La”). There are also original compositions from members of the band that work really well with the choices of traditional tunes whose authors’ names have been lost to time. Liner notes also pay tribute to Les Porteurs de Tradition, nine tradition bearers and three composers who have kept the traditional tunes alive over many decades.

Genticorum showcases its new lineup with new album/tour

This album has been highly anticipated. It was in 2018 when the band’s last CD was dropped. Relatively few concerts and no touring during the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the process of creating new music for so many bands, and Genticorum was no exception. The band’s fans are eager now to hear what’s been conjured. They will not be disappointed.

The festival season will soon be underway and the concert schedule on the band’s website is starting to look really full. Look for Genticorum presenting this amazing and evocative album at Festival Mémoire et Racines in Québec, and at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in Manitoba, along with many other great festivals and venues across Canada and the USA.



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