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David Newland and Jory Nash remember Gordon Lightfoot (video)


Gordon Lightfoot has a special connection to Roots Music Canada that goes beyond simply being one of our country’s most beloved folk heroes.

This here web site was originally founded on Gord’s birthday, Nov. 17, 2009.

Our mascot, Gordy the Moose – that’s him in the top left corner – is named after Gord.

Lightfoot’s legend is literally embedded in our DNA.

So Gord’s passing yesterday at the age of 84 has touched us deeply.

David Newland, who co-founded Roots Music Canada with Andy Frank, was a huge Gord fan and even had a cat named Lightfoot for a while, who was nicknamed “Footy.”

But it wasn’t JUST about his talent as a songwriter or the fact that he’s written some of the most memorable Canadian songs of all time.

It was also the kind of person he was.

David teamed up with Jory Nash, who co-presented The Way We Feel tribute concerts to Gord, to bring us these memories.



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