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Canadian Music Hall Of Fame inductees Cowboy Junkies announce Ontario tour


Sometimes revolutions begin quietly.

In 1988, Cowboy Junkies proved that there was an audience waiting for something quiet, beautiful and reflective. The Trinity Session was like a whisper that cut through the noise — and it was compelling. It stood out in the midst of the flash and bombast that came to define the late 80’s. The now-classic recording combined folk, blues and rock in a way that had never been heard before and went on to sell more than a million copies.

Cowboy Junkies will release Such Ferocious Beauty on June 2, 2023 via Latent Recordings. This is the band’s first release of new material in five years and follows their heralded 2022 collection of covers, Songs of the Recollection. Such Ferocious Beauty is vintage Cowboy Junkies and another dimension from the lo-fi Canadian band comprised of siblings Margo, Michael and Peter Timmins and lifelong friend Alan Anton. Such Ferocious Beauty is a rumination on aging, losing parents, facing mortality and creating space for one’s life in the midst of the ruin that comes from merely living.

Formed in Toronto in 1985 with siblings Michael Timmins on guitar, Margo Timmins on vocals, Peter Timmins on drums, and Michael’s lifelong friend, Alan Anton, on bass, the band has sparkled over the course of 26 albums.

“I’ve known Alan longer than I’ve known Pete,” said Michael. “We were friends before Pete was born.”

Unlike most long-lasting groups, Cowboy Junkies have never had a break-up or taken a sanity-saving hiatus. There’s an appreciation of each other that keeps them constantly working.

“It’s that intimacy and understanding of what each one of us brings to the table,” said Michael.

For more than 20 years, Cowboy Junkies have remained true to their unique artistic vision and to the introspective, quiet intensity that is their musical signature, creating a critically acclaimed body of original work that has endeared them to an audience unwavering in its loyalty. Albums like The Caution Horses (1990), Black Eyed Man (1992), Pale Sun, Crescent Moon (1993), Lay It Down (1996) and more recently, Open (2001), One Soul Now (2004), Early 21st Century Blues (2005) and At the End of Paths Taken (2007) chronicle a creative journey reflecting the independent road the band has elected to travel.

See Cowboy Junkies live

  • Sept. 27 – Partridge Hall, St. Catherines, ON
  • Sept. 29 – Chrysler Theatre, Windsor, ON
  • Sept. 30 – Imperial Theatre, Sarnia, ON
  • Oct. 1 – River Run Centre, Guelph, ON
  • Oct. 3 – Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ON
  • Oct. 4 – Grand Theatre, Kingston, ON
  • Oct. 5 – Showplace Performance Centre, Peterborough, ON


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