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Ottawa folk artist Christine Graves releases ‘Keep In This Mind’ single


Everyday life is a wonder. Ottawa-based Canadian folk singer-songwriter Christine Graves knows this well. In her new single “Keep this in Mind” an ironic perspective emerges about life and a reality that we don’t get everything we dream of experiencing “before we’re done.”

“Keep this in Mind” is here to serve as a musical blessing upon all those who look back on a life and ask, “Did I do enough good?”

“During the pandemic, working in a mental health hospital catapulted me into intensely writing again,” Christine said. “Believing that my gift of making music is an important healing tool is a lesson learned from the hardships we all faced in COVID times.”

The album is not, however, a “COVID album,” she is quick to add, though “that might come next.” The album represents works from before, during, and “after” COVID, and the message of “Keep This In Mind,” about finding the beauty in the mundane, is about as timeless as you can get.

“The song relates to how we define reality,” she said. “We can live something each day, and it seems normal. Live it different, and reality is redefined. Do we have this capability? I think we do.”

Christine Graves is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has released music independently since 1995. She served as the artistic director of the Blue Skies Music Festival from 2006 to 2008. While raising her family and working as a healthcare professional have kept her from recording for a considerable time, her new project, Everyday Life, will be her fifth studio album release. With her remarkable voice and poetic heart, Christine is a performer who knows something about everyday life and can draw an audience into discover together how we are all the same.



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