The top 10 Roots Music Canada stories of the past 5 years

The top 10 Roots Music Canada stories of the past 5 years

10.     9 favourite folk festivals picked by the artists that play them

9.      National Indigenous People’s Day; 5 artists making change with music

8.      Alan Doyle and friends aboard the ocean endeavour

7.      John Mellencamp just launched a massive Canadian tour; Mersereau reviews

6.      7 Canadian roots songs about the Canadian war experience

5.      6 queer Canadian roots heroes to be proud of

4.      5 sea shanties by Canadian performers that should be on #seashantytiktok

3.      Spotify pays artists shit, so how come they’re still using it?

2.      Tom Jackson has released a devastating new song about children lost at residential schools

1.      A brief history of why artists are no longer making a living making music


Today we are 5; Thank you from Roots Music Canada

Roots Music Canada: The origin story

One sentence about my Roots Music Canada experience on its fifth birthday



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