5 songs of spring from some Canadian roots music icons

Welcome to the first full day of spring, everyone!

Phew!  We made it!

The vernal equinox happened at around 5:30 ET yesterday afternoon, and we are now officially at the part of the year where the days are longer than the nights.

If you’re feeling a renewed sense of optimism with the melting of the snow and the promise of warmer temperatures up ahead, well, you’re not the only one.

Spring has served as a muse for many a songwriter, often as a metaphor for better times ahead.

Here are five iconic Canadian artists with their songs of spring, both literal and metaphorical.


David Francey – Red-Winged Blackbird

Digging Roots – “Spring to Come”


Connie Kaldor – “Spring on the Prairies”


Ian Tyson – “Springtime”


Hank Snow – “Blossoms in the Springtime”



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