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Singer-songwriter Harry Hannah tells a story of love on ‘Orion and Alya’


True love can be a very powerful thing. It can make you feel complete and give you purpose and strength. You can’t let go of it when you have it, and Harry Hannah certainly shows why on his latest single, “Orion and Alya.”

Even before the words come out of lead singer, Harry Hannah’s mouth, you can feel the love through the piano keys as it gently sways your mind into a sense of calm, and then you hear the lyrics begin: “Darling I got a lot of feelings on my mind. Thinking you’re the one that I might never ever leave behind.”

“Orion and Alya” is a true love song, opening with Harry expressing deep feelings about someone he cares about.

“Orion is one of my favourite winter constellations,” Harry explained, “So I figured I’d take a page from his book. Some say he’s a huntsman, and some have called him the Archer of Hearts, so I kind of took that concept and ran with it in my own direction.”

“Alya,” he continued, “in this case, represents Artemis, the goddess of chastity, hunting, and the moon. Some tales say she’s Orion’s only true love, just like my love for the province of Alberta.”

Known as “The Cobourg Folkster” by some, Harry wears his heart on his sleeve on this latest track and leaves all his emotions out for everyone to hear.

“I think finding true love can make you feel larger than life in some cases,” he said. “I’ve felt that before. After you lose it, or even just without it, you don’t feel whole – existentially lost among stars if I’m getting dramatic.”


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