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Corby’s photo album from Winterfolk 2023

Old Timey duo The Vaudevillian and Ori Dagan. Photo by Paul Corby.

Winterfolk 2023 wrapped up in Toronto yesterday. Brian Gladstone’s Annual folk-stravaganza re-situated itself into Kensington Market for the first time this year, with an aggregate of trad, rad and late-by-a-tad performances involving over a hundred artists and bands.

Over seven stages, audiences in impressive numbers climbed sidewalk snow-drifts to share in the warmth of songs and stories that revived the communal spirit of folk culture that had been flickering in online obscurity over the past few years. Moments of moving intimacy (from David Essig with a new book of stories based on his songs and the sweet melancholy of Glen Hornblast) to inspired rambunctuosity ( Kevin Breit strolling through the audience in the absence of a working microphone and David Laronde’s cross-species communication techniques ) coalesced into some heartfelt feelings of gratitude and amazement as the weekend unwound.

Roots Music Canada’s own Paul Corby was there to take it in and took a pile of photos for us. He was desperately in need of sleep so we didn’t ask him to write us a big review. But here’s what the festival looked like!

Protest Songs with Brian Morgan, Taylor Abrahamse, Chris Birkett. Photo by Paul Corby.


The Gladtones music for children with The Gladstone Family and Tony Quarrington. Photo by Paul Corby.


Paul Mills and Graham Lindsey. Photo by Paul Corby.


The traditional folk sounds of Doctor B.’s Acoustic Medicine Show with Dougal Bichan, Roger Zuraw, Bill Isen, and Cathy Anne. Photo by Paul Corby.


Old Timey duo The Vaudevillian and Ori Dagan. Photo by Paul Corby.


David Laronde. Photo by Paul Corby.


Glen Hornblast with Shelly Coopersmith and Kevin Bell. Photo by Paul Corby.


In the absence of a working microphone, Kevin Breit brings the music to the people at Taco Taco. Photo by Paul Corby.


David Essig. Photo by Paul Corby.


Brian Blain’s campfire with Alfie Smith, Alan Fraser Brian, and Darcy Wickham. Photo by Paul Corby.
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