Vancouver Folk Music Festival board rescinds motion to dissolve society

Taj Mahal. Photo by Reid Jamieson and Carolyn Mill.

The board of directors of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival society has rescinded a motion to dissolve the society in response to an outpouring of support from fans.

But they caution that does not mean the festival is out of the woods.

“The outpouring of love for the festival unfortunately does not change the difficult financial situation we continue to face,” board members wrote on the festival website.

“The bottom line is that to build a sustainable festival we need funds – not just now, but secured funding streams that continue into the years to come. So many festival and community members have told us they want our festival to survive. If the folk festival is going to survive and thrive, we need partnerships, we need sponsorships, and right now we need your donations. If you want to see this festival continue, now is the time to act.”

The festival is launching a volunteer drive and a fundraising campaign under the hashtag #FundTheFest.

People are invited to sign up on the festival website.

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