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How the birth of her daughter inspired Carla Muller’s ‘Snow Came Falling’


Woolwich, ON folk artist Carla Muller captures the peaceful beauty of gently falling snow with her soothing single “Snow Came Falling.” Inspired by a snowstorm the night of her daughter’s birth, it’s a meditative song of gratitude that reminds us to count our blessings.

Featuring understated guitar, violin, mellow piano, and Cara’s heartfelt vocals, “Snow Came Falling” evokes gazing out the window and enjoying the sight of a winter wonderland.

“You know, I wrote this on the way home from the hospital after Charlotte was born,” Cara recalled. “There was a great storm, which actually snowed us in for a few extra days at Guelph General Hospital. But, it was the most peaceful storm I’ve ever seen.”

Everything outside the slowly moving car was white, still, and perfect.

“Of course, Tom had a white-knuckle hold on the steering wheel the whole time,” she said, “but Charlotte and I were cozily tucked in together in the back seat, and the words just came so easily.”

Cara kept singing the song over and over, like a lullaby to her newborn child, so that she could remember it when she got home and be sure to record it for her baby girl.

The song has a universal message for the difficult pandemic times we’re living through.

“How lovely is it to savour that stillness,” Cara said. “It’s been a difficult few years, filled with sadness and uncertainty, but snow keeps falling. Life goes on, and beautiful moments are still ahead.”

Carla Muller is a singer-songwriter from Woolwich, ON. She’s written more than 100 songs, which run the gamut from country to R&B and include a few standards like Christmas music and lullabies. She has been writing since she was a child and has a sharp insight into the emotions and experiences of those around her. She also owns a children’s boutique called Baby Charlotte in Kitchener, ON.


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