Home News Sammy Duke encourages empathy on jangly, inspiring ‘Speed Of Life’

Sammy Duke encourages empathy on jangly, inspiring ‘Speed Of Life’


New mindsets and new beginnings can be challenging to usher in, but Waterloo, ON-based folk-rock artist Sammy Duke aims to motivate and inspire on his latest single “Speed Of Life” – available now – from his album of the same name.

Using imagery from a real-life motorcycle ride heading southbound towards Lake Erie, Sammy sings of chasing the horizon on a long-and-winding journey rife with highs and lows. He leaves the concrete jungle of the city behind, along with the billboards and neon signs, and all the information overload, and soon, we’re in nature on the bike beside him, experiencing the fear and exhilaration of roads unknown.

Sammy’s voice is husky, the guitar is jangly, and the beats head-bopping and upbeat.

“For many of us, it can be a frightening experience to step into an unknown future – and it’s important to recognize that these feelings are entirely normal,” Sammy said. “It’s our choice whether we use each new experience to spread love and empathy, or to remain stagnant and choose a path of selfishness. Many of the songs on this album reflect an eagerness for new beginnings, and stepping forward from the darker parts of lives.”

Sammy Duke is an unmistakable presence the moment he starts performing onstage. Called a “troubadour prog-rock[er]” by No Depression magazine, this literal one-man-band uses each limb to perform on a variety of instruments, including guitar, foot synths, foot percussion, and even his elbow in the case of his famed “elbow chimes.” Through his infectious live energy, Sammy Duke enchants audiences with spontaneous spurts of crowd participation, self-deprecating wit, and thought-provoking lyrics within his folksy-fusion music that blends elements of world-beat, rock and soul.


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