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Check out Mimi O’Bonsawin’s new songs. They’re pretty great!


Here at Roots Music Canada, we’ve been really digging the songs we’ve been hearing from Mimi O’Bonsawin lately.

First there was her powerful song, “Here’s to the Women,” with it’s joyful, uplifting chorus.

Now she takes us on a beautiful hike in northern Ontario with her new video for her recent single “I am Alive”.

“‘I am Alive’ was filmed in my favorite place in the world, Manitoulin Island, on a hike I have been doing my whole life! ” Mimi said. “It is also the place where I wrote this song. We wanted to bring the audience into the north as it plays such a big role in my life and in my music. This video is an invitation to get into nature and to celebrate life!”

The video was created by her partner Ryan Schurman.

Both of the new tunes will be featured on Mimi’s 2023 album.

Mimi wraps up her Summer Canadian Tour tonight, which has taken her to Francophonie en Fête (Toronto), French Fest (Sudbury), Cultivate Festival (Port Hope), and Gidinawendimin (Mississauga) this evening. She shares the stage with Ryan on drums, and their duo performances are both honest and dynamic, creating an intimate yet uplifting live experience for the audience.

Check out her new songs here:


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