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Toronto’s Alexandra Babiak announces sophomore album, shares new single ‘Settle Down’

Toronto indie-folk artist Alexandra Babiak is excited to announce her forthcoming sophomore album Magical Thinking with the release of her new single “Settle Down.

Following up her 2019 album, Impatiens, Alexandra leans into indie-rock sensibilities on her latest — sitting somewhere between Alvvays and Arcade Fire sonically. Featuring watery guitars, quirky drum beats, and lo-fi synth, “Settle Down” leads with her equally sweet and yearning vocals – “I’ve got something to cry about But I’m not gonna cry today / It won’t be long ’til you’re coming home to me” she laments, with a touch of tongue in cheek.

“This song explores reaching for a level of peace and stability but still having the demons that taunt you,” Alexandra explained.

“It’s this internal agitation that won’t evaporate, even though maybe your surroundings are calm. Being in that state of agitation or discomfort can be necessary to move through to get to a place of mental freedom.”

Alexandra teamed up with Toronto producer Sandro Perri and recording engineer Chris Stringer to record the track, along with Laura Pitkanen on guitar, Josh Cole on bass, Thomas Hammerton on keys/synth and additional synth by Sandro Perri.

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