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Toronto alt-country artist Meredith Lazowski shares ‘The Other Side’

Photo by Jen Squires

Toronto alt-country artist Meredith Lazowski is back with another single from her forthcoming debut album, Other Way Home, which is to be released June 17.

Her new track, “The Other Side,” channels a sense of confidence and empowerment both sonically and lyrically. Lead by Meredith’s sultry vocals, “The Other Side” leans into Americana stylings with bluesy electric guitar and a boot-stompin’ drum beat. Meredith explained the story behind the track saying:

I wrote this song at the beginning of the pandemic, reflecting on those in-person interactions that we encounter and sometimes take for granted. I was inspired by those moments that happen, those unspoken words between two people in a sometimes unfamiliar place. I was envisioning that scene and wondering if we will be in a place to be able to have moments like that again. At the time I was also experimenting with alternative tuning and the tune quickly started to evolve.

Recorded at Union Sound in Toronto, the album saw Meredith team up with producer Justin Rutledge (a Juno Award winning artist) and recording engineer Chris Stringer on the track; enlisting Ontario talents Joshua Van Tassel (Donovan Woods, Rose Cousins) on drums, Kelsey McNulty (Great Lake Swimmers) on organ, Tom Juhas (Joan Smith and the Jane Does) on electric guitar, and Devon Henderson (Vallens) on bass.

Earlier this spring, Meredith released two other incredible singles: “Prairie” and “Other Way Home”. We can’t wait to hear the rest of the record this June!

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