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Buffy Sainte-Marie is the latest artist to be honoured with a postage stamp


Buffy Sainte-Marie is the latest artist to be recognized by Canada Post.

A new stamp pays tribute to her impact on the music industry and on Indigenous peoples while also recognizing her countless achievements.

Notably she received an Academy Award and a Golden Globe in 1983 for the original song “Up Where We Belong” and a 1995 induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and she was made an officer of the Order of Canada in 1997.

The post office has printed 180,000 stamps with Buffy’s image on them. The design was officially unveiled in a ceremony hosted by Ottawa’s National Arts Centre on Nov. 18.

Buffy Sainte-Marie was born on the Piapot First Nation in southeastern Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle Valley. She grew up in New England with adoptive parents turning to music for joy, officially launching her career in the early 1960’s. She became a well-known name early in her career, receiving raving reviews and signing a contract with Vanguard Records in 1993. This led to producing her first album, It’s My Way! (1964).

Canada Post is recognizing her for her unique artistry, drive, and bravery in the face of adversity.

At 80 years old, she is a five-time Juno award-winning artist who has been performing for more than 60 years.

Not only is her singing voice strong, distinct, and beautiful but she is also known as an activist, using her voice to speak up for Indigenous rights. She formed a non-profit organization, the Nihewan Foundation for Native American Education, in 1969.

Now, with over 20 albums to her name, she has seen her songs covered by hundreds of big-name artists, including Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, and Cher.

If you enjoy Canadian folk music or consider yourself a Buffy Sainte-Marie fan, be sure to get out to a Canada Post store near you or go online at Canadapost.ca to grab your stamp.


  1. Wonderful news about Buffy’s stamp but I couldn’t help but notice you used THREE of my shots of Buffy without giving any photo credit.
    The stamp shot is by someone else. Denise Grant


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