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Registration is now open for next summer’s Old School Bluegrass Camp Song Writing Camp


Old School Bluegrass Camp presents its third Song Writing Camp June 17 to 19, 2022, featuring master classes with Paul Langlois (The Tragically Hip) and Amy Millan (Stars, Broken Social Scene) and workshops with Kristine Schmitt, Jenny Whiteley and Joey Wright.

Registration is open and sign-up is at: https://oldschoolbluegrasscamp.wordpress.com/popup-camps/

Old School Song Writing Camp is nestled among the rolling hills, forests and fields in the tiny hamlet community of Elphin, ON on the home property of camp director Jenny Whiteley and head cook Joey Wright.

Old School Song Writing Camp Includes:

  • Six homemade and delicious meals served hot on site.
  • On-site camping with your own tent or trailer, or you can rent a ‘glamping’ tent with a bed, comfy bedding and battery powered lighting for an additional fee ($175.00).
  • Camp amenities: heated private outdoor showers, clean and airy private outdoor washrooms and sinks with running potable well water.


  • master classes with world-renowned songwriters, including exclusive concert performances
  • workshops all weekend to cover performance anxiety and stage fright, how to write with others, tackling difficult subject matter, music theory for songwriters, getting ‘out of your own way’ and much more
  • song circles around the campfire, performance opportunities in a safe space
  • unlimited inspiration!

Songwriters with any level of experience are welcome, and participants don’t need to play an instrument to attend. Accompanists are available as part of the staff team, and an electric keyboard is provided for songwriters who write with piano.

All participants are required to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, and all health and safety protocols will be in place. Both outdoor and indoor spaces are provided for workshops, classes, performances and meals.


$625.00 – weekend with camping with your own tent or trailer

$325.00 – camp companion

$175.00 – option to rent a ‘glamping’ tent in addition to camp fees

All fees are subject to HST.

This is an amazing opportunity to intimately study the art of songwriting in a welcoming, safe environment with two of Canada’s most stellar songwriters in a beautiful natural setting this June!

More information is at: https://oldschoolbluegrasscamp.wordpress.com/

And you can email oldschoolbluegrasscamp@gmail.com with any questions.

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... ALLISON BROWN likes her religion a little bit gritty, takes her country music with a side of syrup and keeps her folk as dusty as the ol’ cabin floor. With a hatful of broken hearts, bad weather, toils of the road and leaps of faith, Allison’s crafted originals matched with classic roots repertoire reflect the striking conviction she brings to her sweet and powerful singing. As a soloist, Allison’s lonesome warbles soar over subtle guitar framework, but can turn quickly to a feverish cyclone when joined by her spirited troupe of accompanists. Allison brings her truest self to her collection of songs and to the stage in a refreshing conversation with the audience. …Currently, Allison is recording the anticipated follow-up to her 2005 debut release “Everything That Shined”. Looking ahead to a release in spring of 2010, her new full-length recording will feature twelve songs picked up along Allison’s dusty road of folk. Immediately after her Home County Folk Festival return performance, Allison began her adventure to craft these recordings at the Protection Island, BC, studio of master of musical tradition, David Essig. An eleven-date tour across Canada’s west followed the sessions; and with her guitar, her ukulele and her suitcase in hand, Allison took the old Grey dog along the Trans-Canada all the way back to London. Her first time through the mountains and the prairies, Allison hopes to return to the west to re-connect with the warm audiences she embraced on her first western tour. Two new original songs, “Somethin’ Holy” and “All The Birds” will be pre-released on Myspace and CBC Radio 3; a third song, her interpretation of Townes Van Zandt’s “Poncho & Lefty” will be available as an exclusive demo for radio stations and festival applications. “a gorgeous voice that seemed way too big for one person” ~ Barbara Bruederlin, BadTempteredZombie.Blogspot.com … Allison lives and breathes for folk festivals and adds a participative spark to the workshop stage with her knack for harmony singing. A performer, volunteer, special guest and jam instigator, Allison is a familiar face throughout the summer at festivals in Ontario, but hopes to bring her cohesive spirit to festivals in western Canada this summer. This spring, in addition to regular performances in London and Toronto, Allison will be touring through Ontario’s north, east and southwest following the new recording’s official release. A seasoned soloist, Allison was featured as part of the wildly successful "Girls With Glasses Tour", with songwriters Evalyn Parry, Eve Goldberg, and Karyn Ellis. Allison’s skills as a bandleader were showcased as the featured vocalist in London bluegrass quartet "The Goin' Concern" at festivals, backyard parties and the ruckus raised on Bluegrass Sunday night every week at the Alex P Keaton. Dedicated to sharing folk music with the community, she is also the host of "For The Folk", every Wednesday night from 8:30 to 10pm, on London's CHRW Radio 94.9fm. She also works at GROOVES Records where she surrounds herself with all the divine vinyl and indie new releases her ears can hear.


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