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Allison Russell and Alex Cuba are nominated for Grammys


Yesterday was a pretty special day for fans of Alex Cuba and Allison Russell.

We learned that Alex is nominated for the Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album for his latest release, Mendo.

It’s his fourth nomination in this category, and his third one for consecutive albums. Can a win be around the corner?

Alex is a visionary artist and a highly adaptable human with an unstoppable work ethic and, yes, wicked fashion sense (that’s why one of his outfits got him featured in the Grammy museum).

If Alex wins this year, it can’t come soon enough.

And Allison? From the moment she started singing with Trish Klein in Po’Girl, everyone who saw them knew she was a star.

And now look at her, nominated for three awards for her phenomenal debut solo album, Outside Child: Best Americana Roots Performance (“Nightflyer”), Best Americana Roots Song (“Nightflyer”) and Best Americana Album.

What makes this all the more sweet, of course, is that this album is a triumph of the highest order, a chronical of Allison’s journey from fleeing an abusive home as a teenager to discovering music as a creative outlet to embarking on a path of healing, becoming a mother and breaking the cycle of abuse.

Congratulations to these two members of the Canadian roots community. We here are Roots Music Canada are just so darned proud of you.



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