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Singer-songwriter Steve Paul Simms turned himself into a dashboard ornament for his ‘Rolling’ video


He’s rolling down the line now, a freight train headed straight for you. It’s Toronto-based artist Steve Paul Simms and his latest bluesy, cut, “Rolling.”

A testament to Steve’s charm, “Rolling” is the latest from the veteran singer-songwriter who’s been on the scene for more than two decades.

The third single from Steve’s widely acclaimed fourth release, Ingrid and the Messenger Boy, “Rolling” is his follow-up to his well-loved “No Money Comin’ In” (April, 2021).

“’Rolling’ is a celebration of freedom on the open road, the need to just go, with or without a destination,” Steve explained. “A great driving tune based on a hypnotic guitar riff, it’s a rootsy, bluesy, upbeat tune with acoustic and electric textures.”

Steve enlisted the help of the ever-versatile Bob Cohen on bass and twin electric guitars to compliment his own acoustic picking. With George Morellato’s percussion and Marty Grant on vocal harmony, Steve rounds out the layers of “Rolling” with a twangy harp that mimics a bicycle bell. Ask Steve Paul Simms himself about the tune, and he’ll tell you: “It’s a good song to howl along to.”

The subsequent video is the latest lyric visual created by Fitzfx. Capturing the essence of the record, we’re introduced to the driver of a vehicle we never fully see, but we live vicariously through his city nightscape-to-daytime country-side jaunt. While the destination remains widely unknown, the road trip is marked by a number of experiences: a mysterious hitchhiker thumbs a ride, a dancing lumberjack/jig doll rear-view mirror ornament resembling Steve Paul Simms. A seagull on a beach.

What the video manages to evoke is the very spirit of Steve; his knowing grin, his desire to not take himself too seriously while managing to deliver on songs that will stay with you for the ride, the campfire, or the next pint at the pub.

An actor by training, and a musician by trade, Steve Paul Simms is a well-loved and recognized face in his native Toronto’s arts and music community having been featured in more than 60 theatrical productions across Canada. A frequent performer at the Tranzac Club, Steve also boasts more than two decades of live musical performances, including stage shows, busking and online and concert hall showcases. To date, he has penned more than two hundred original songs.

On “Rolling,” Steve turns up the charm and tunes out the noise for a day, exploring life without the bustle of whatever has us weighed down and coated in responsibility. We can all let go when we listen to this track; while we sing along to this track. While we get this track – the kind that’s rolling down the track, ready for us to thumb ourselves a ride alongside Steve Paul Simms, Ingrid and of course, the Messenger Boy.

“Rolling” and Ingrid and the Messenger Boy are available now.


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