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This single from emerging artist Semiah will make you want to hit ‘repeat’ all day


We don’t use the “You’ve got to hear this!” tag on our stories very often, so when we do, you know we’re seriously into an artist or a song.

The newest number that’s got us hitting “repeat” over and over again is “Nothing Can Kill My Love for You” by Semiah Smith, a singer-songwriter and dancer from Six Nations of the Grand River territory who also happens to be a full-time health sciences student at McMaster University.

Now goodness knows the country needs health care professionals, so I’m not saying Semiah should quit school and become a full-time musician if health is her calling, but if this is what she comes up with between classes, then damn, I sure hope she keeps making time to write and record.

This is an utterly moving and charming acoustic folk-pop song that employs the chorus-y vocals you hear in a lot of indie pop songs by acts like Fun and the Strumbellas – though to a very different effect.

The song is about loving someone for all of earthly life and beyond, and the rather spiritual message, coming from someone so young, makes me wonder if Semiah has already experienced a brush with her mortality.

Semiah released this song back in May, and she’s since released another one, “All of this Time,” which is more RnB in flavour. It’s great too, but “Nothing Can Kill My Love for You” crosses over easily into the roots realm, and we can’t wait to hear more like it.

Oh, and did we mention that the first time we ever used the “You’ve got to hear this” tag, it was with Jeremy Dutcher? I’m not saying we know how to pick ’em or anything but…



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