Here are your Canadian Folk Music Award nominees for 2021

The board of the Canadian Folk Music Awards announced this year’s nominees earlier today.

The awards will be handed out April 1-3 in Charlottetown, PEI, the city that appears poised to finally see the in-person ceremony after originally being tapped to host the 2020 awards, only to have them twice moved into the virtual sphere due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

More details on the ceremony will come at a later date.  Meanwhile, here is the full list of nominees.  Congratulations to all!

Children’s Album of the Year 

  • Campfire Time! by Peter Lenton aka Peter Puffin’s Whale Tales (AB)

  • Falling in Africa by Garth Prince (AB)

  • Believe in Your Magic by Penny Pom Pom (BC)

  • Heart Parade by Splash’N Boots (ON)

  • Think About the Wild by Remy Rodden (YT)

Contemporary Album of the Year 

  • XO, 1945 by Ryland Moranz (AB)

  • All This Time Running by Craig Cardiff (ON)

  • Solar Powered Too by Rick Fines (ON)

  • Voyageur In Song by David Leask (ON)

  • Outside Child by Allison Russell (QC)

  • À l’ouest du réel by Reney Ray (QC)

  • Come Around by Rob Lutes (QC)

  • Encounter by BEYRIES (QC)

Contemporary Singer of the Year / Chanteur contemporain de l’année

  • Kelly Bado for Hey Terre (MB)

  • Terra Spencer for Chasing Rabbits (NS)

  • Craig Cardiff for All This Time Running (ON)

  • Denise Flack for Good Water (ON)

  • Rob Lutes for Come Around (QC)

English Songwriter(s) 

  • Scott Cook for Tangle of Souls (AB)

  • Noah Reid for Gemini (ON)

  • Rick Fines for Solar Powered Too (ON)

  • Allison Russell for Outside Child (QC)

  • Ian Tamblyn for A Longing for Innocence (QC)

  • Rob Lutes for Come Around (QC)

Ensemble of the Year 

  • The Hello Darlins for Go By Feel (AB)

  • The Fugitives for Trench Songs (BC)

  • Elliott BROOD for Keeper (ON)

  • OKAN for Espiral (ON)

  • Whitehorse for Modern Love (ON)

French Songwriter(s) of the Year

  • Émilie Landry for Arroser les fleurs (NB)
  • Anne-Sophie Doré-Coulombe for Nos maisons (QC)

  • Flavie Léger-Roy for Les trous dans les coeurs (QC)

  • Guillaume Beaulac for Guillaume Beaulac (QC)

  • Reney Ray for À l’ouest du réel (QC)

Global Roots Album of the Year 

  • El Currucha by Eliana Cuevas (feat. Aquiles Báez) (ON)

  • Espiral by OKAN (ON)

  • Songs From Home by Polky (ON)

  • VelkomBak by Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra (QC)

  • Wutiko by Elage Diouf (QC)

Indigenous Songwriter(s) of the Year

  • Phyllis Sinclair for Ghost Bones (AB)
  • Morgan Toney for First Flight (NS)

  • David Laronde for I Know I Can Fly (ON)

  • Chelsey June & Jaaji for Omen (QC)

  • Laura Niquay for Waska Matisiwin (QC)

Instrumental Group of the Year 

  • Amber & Zebulun for South of North, East of West (ON)

  • Shane Cook & The Woodchippers for Be Here for a While (ON)

  • Frank Evans & Ben Plotnick for Madison Archives (ON)

  • Bùmarang for Echo Land (QC)

  • Oktopus for Créature (QC)

Instrumental Solo Artist of the Year 

  • Adam Young for Yearbook (NS)

  • Maneli Jamal for Soul Odyssey (ON)

  • Cédric Dind-Lavoie for Archives (QC)

  • Dave Clarke for The Healing Garden (QC)

  • Olivier Demers for À l’envers d’un monde (QC)

New/Emerging Artist(s) of the Year

  • The Hello Darlins for Go By Feel (AB)

  • Oxlip for Your Mother Was A Peacock (BC)

  • Noah Reid for Gemini (ON)

  • Polky for Songs From Home (ON)

  • Allison Russell for Outside Child (QC)

  • David Lafleche for Everyday Son (QC)

Oliver Schroer Pushing the Boundaries Award 

  • Decoration Day for Makeshift Future (ON)

  • Speaker Face for Crescent (ON)

  • Briga for Territoire (QC)

  • Allison Russell for Outside Child (QC)

  • Cédric Dind-Lavoie for Archives (QC)

  • Rosier for Légèrement (QC)

Producer(s) of the Year 

  • David Travers-Smith, Fernando Rosa, Annabelle Chvostek for String of Pearls (ON)

  • Luke Doucet, Melissa McClelland for Modern Love (ON)

  • Cédric Dind-Lavoie, Corne de brume for Archives (QC)

  • Quinn Bachand for Légèrement (QC)

  • Rob Lutes, Rob MacDonald for Come Around (QC)

Single of the Year 

  • “Still Waters” by The Hello Darlins (feat. Matt Andersen) (AB)

  • “Never Mind The Weather” by Big Little Lions (BC)

  • “Gospel First Nation” by William Prince (MB)

  • “Everything Reminds Me” by The Deep Dark Woods (NS)

  • “Yellow Snow” by Andrea Bettger (NT)

  • “Elmira (Remix)” by The East Pointers (feat. Lonely Kid) (PEI)

  • “Pontoise” by Rosier (QC)

  • “The River” by Loryn Taggart (QC)

Solo Artist of the Year

  • Dana Sipos for The Astral Plane (BC)
  • William Prince for Gospel First Nation (MB)

  • Laura Smith for As Long As I’m Dreaming (NS)

  • Maneli Jamal for Soul Odyssey (ON)

  • Rick Fines for Solar Powered Too (ON)

  • Alicia Toner for Joan (PEI)

Traditional Album of the Year 

  • Kitchen Days by Braden Gates (AB)

  • Alive by Fred Eaglesmith & Tif Ginn (ON)

  • Be Here for a While by Shane Cook & The Woodchippers (ON)

  • Le bonhomme Sept Heures / The Bonesetter by Grosse Isle (QC)

  • Les sessions du Vices & Versa – 15th Anniversary by David Boulanger (QC)

Traditional Singer of the Year 

  • Ray Schmidt for Sold Out at the Ironwood (AB)

  • Pat Chessell for The Road Not Taken (BC)

  • Ewelina Ferenc for Songs From Home (ON)

  • Nicolas Boulerice for Maison de pierre – Confiné au voyages (QC)

  • Sophie Lavoie for Le bonhomme Sept Heures / The Bonesetter (QC)

Vocal Group of the Year 

  • The Fugitives for Trench Songs (BC)

  • The Gilberts for Tell Me (NS)

  • Whitehorse for Modern Love (ON)

  • Les Bouches Bées for Les trous dans les coeurs (QC)

  • Twin Flames for Omen (QC)

Young Performer(s) of the Year

  • Paige Penney for When All is Said and Done (NL)

  • Isabella Samson for If It’s Not Forever (NS)

  • Hannah Thomas for Christmas Don’t Be Late (ON)

  • Irish Millie for Thirteen (ON)
  • The Broken Bridges for The Porch Sessions (ON)

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