Home News Don Graham is channeling a little Jimmy Buffett on “Como Te Amo”

Don Graham is channeling a little Jimmy Buffett on “Como Te Amo”


A big, bright sun, soft sand, warm ocean breeze, and love under a Mexican moon. Doesn’t that sound wonderful right about now?

Canadian singer-songwriter Don Graham is set to turn your summer day into a romantic tropical getaway with his new single and video, “Como Te Amo.”

Inspired by a last-minute holiday Don took to Guyabitos, Mexico, “Come Te Amo” recalls a beautiful but bittersweet moment in an equally beautiful place set to a rollicking country rock soundscape.

“It’s easy to fall in love in Mexico with the sun, the sand, the magical moonlight and the warm ocean waters,” Don said. “Unfortunately, the week ends and you come back to reality…

“But, [you] always have those beautiful memories and the hope to someday return.”

“Como Te Amo” translates to “how I love you,” and, whether they’re spoken in Spanish or English, these are words that everyone longs to hear. “If you don’t speak the language your Spanish phrase book becomes your best friend,” Don explained.

Like a river, ever constant and ever moving, Don Graham and his music just keep rolling along. From his early days as the frontman of the Canadian country rock band, Graham County to various duos and trios and eventually a solo career, Don Graham has made the stage his home since the late 1970s.

The latest song and video release is an uplifting ‘dock rock’ song for a world weary of travel restrictions and limitations. Produced by Canadian country artist Marshall Potts, the video for “Como Te Amo” places Don directly in the sun, sand and romantic tropical scene that the song vividly paints.

Don Graham’s “Como Te Amo” is available now.


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