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Indigenous artist of the year nominee Conrad Bigknife unveils the third single from his new album


Riding high off his newly-released, self-titled album, Regina-based Indigenous country artist Conrad Bigknife has released a third single to accompany his fourth full-length. One of Conrad’s most infectious numbers to date, “Never Say Never” is available now.

Early offerings from the album — from the enticingly glum and gut-wrenching lead single “I Miss You” to the thought-provoking-yet-inspirational follow-up track “Nothing but Me” — make it evident that Conrad Bigknife is here to take avid country listeners on a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime. It’s not just a sonic ride; it’s an emotional one too.

Fortunately, will find that this latest tune will take them to the height of this unpredictable and theoretical ride.

After having your spirits lifted by the interlacing baritone and high electric guitar melodies of “Nothing but Me,” “Never Say Never” will inevitably put you in a good place as it kicks off with a tasteful instrumental chock-full of upbeat country guitar licks, which are backed by subtle, yet impactful slide guitar fills. Sure, the lyrical content is all about not giving up when the going gets tough, but accompanied by the soulful instrumentals and comforting voice of one of Canada’s top up-and-coming Indigenous artists, it’s bound to be one of the most inspirational country songs you will hear this year.

“It’s about the times in a relationship when it seems to be going all wrong, and no one knows why it’s happening,” he explained. “There’s a serious shift starting, and it starts to feel weird and really uncertain. When it’s tears and confusion, and it’s getting ugly, that’s when we have to remind ourselves not to throw it away. It’s really easy to let negative momentum build.

“You can leave and slam the door on your way out — be dramatic and wild. [But] then take some time to pull it together and get right back home where you belong. It’s OK to watch it blow up and let it calm back down again. Trust the promise to be there for each other [in a relationship], no matter what.”



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