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Indigenous blues singer-songwriter Donita Large is ‘Going To Walk That Line’ with her new single


In an emotionally charged song for those finding strength to put one foot in front of the other, Saddle Lake First Nation singer-songwriter Donita Large unveils her empowering gospel-esque vocals and dynamic lyricism with “Going To Walk That Line.”

Donita grew up surrounded by Métis, country, and gospel music and started singing at funerals and weddings early on.

Learning how music could be a powerful tool in healing hearts, she decided to use it for that.

“I want to share my music and belt my heart out,” she said. “I am ‘going to walk that line.’”

The song was inspired by the experience of playing music with a powerful group of women and the warmth she felt afterwards from jamming — and everyone “singing their faces off,” she recalled — Donita knew it was time to debut her inspirational message for women. “I wanted to say, ‘Get it Done’ and ‘I hope you know your worth.’”

While the recent pandemic put the women’s gatherings at a stand-still, Donita Large knew people were hurting and needed inspiration. With that in mind, she reached out to multi-talented singer-songwriter and Native American Music Award winner Cindy Paul — who came on board as recording engineer and producer.

From there, she expressed her need for a “sweet, slide guitar player” that could give her the ideal slide guitar sound for her debut; Cindy Paul knew just where to go, calling on accomplished guitar player Gord Matthews, who previously did a run with the Reclines and had an extensive career as a slide guitarist.

Before she knew it, Donita Large’s vision had come to life. Through the power of filesharing, she and Cindy had session drummer Jaime Cooper create the fills and background percussion. From there, Winnipeg rapper and producer Osani Balkaran was tasked with the final mix and master.

The result is “Going To Walk That Line,” an Indigenous blues-inspired single filled with alluring country-blues style riffs and vocalizations, speaking to the power of women.

“It speaks to women’s tenacity of overcoming painful relationships and deciding what line they want to walk,” she said.

“Going To Walk That Line” is available now.


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