You’ll love this mini documentary about Penny Rose and Rose’s Cantina in Morin Heights, QC

Here at Roots Music Canada, we get a lot of great music in the moose’s mailbox, but this month, we also got something that wasn’t music – at least not exactly.

It seems the fine folks at the SuperFolks Festival in Morin Heights, QC have produced a mini documentary about Penny Rose and Rose’s Cantina, the home-based venue that she ran in the small Laurentian town, which also used to be home to Penny Lang.

Personally, I was glued to it for the whole nine minutes, and it filled me with nostalgia for a community folk scene I had never even been a part of.  But the thing is, we’ve all been part of a folk music community somewhere.  Many of us still are, and many of us have had to say goodbye to a community for one reason or another over the years.

This little video not only gave me vivid mental pictures of a joyful small-town folk scene, it also made me reflect fondly on my personal favourite venues that have come and gone over the years, and the ones I’ve had to leave behind as I’ve moved from place to place.

If you need a little pick-me-up today, pour a cup of tea and take ten minutes to watch this.  It’s lovely.

Thank you, Penny, for all that you’ve done for folk music in Morin Heights.



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