Indie folk newcomer Deanna Faye’s new single focuses on the joys and hardships of love

Toronto-based indie folk singer-songwriter Deanna Faye poetically contrasts the light side of love and its inherent pressures with her new video for “Reassure.”

That latest to land from her breakthrough EP, Good To You, the song grapples with the concept of love — and how difficult it can be to grasp.

While the word, in and of itself, denotes feelings of joy and happiness, the reality behind such an emotion is that of balance; with balance comes weight, and “Reassure” exemplifies the beauty in the struggle in such a reflective way.

The instrumentation on the single instills a disheartening sensation, as the twang and reverb of the guitar march along with the pensive beat of the drums. This appropriately sets the tone of “Reassure,” as it’s a reflection of the stress and pain love can bring. Deanna Faye’s mellow and articulate vocals carry the metaphoric weight of her lyrics with innocence and conviction.

In terms of metaphors, the single is representative of Deanna’s thoughts on the cycles of relationships, as well as the impulsivity of rushing into a romantic connection. She compares these experiences to pillars, in the sense that two people can pull apart yet still be close together by way of the weight they both share.

The weight, she describes, is structured around the intertwining of boundaries and desires.

“I’d been walking around the city and on hiking trails aimlessly,” she said. “I noticed these tagged pillars that always stood out to me as being a cool piece of architecture. This is a song that illustrates the ebbs and flows. Ultimately, in a healthy relationship, the pillars still stand strong but they are always just the perfect distance apart to keep the structure sound.”

It’s been a reflective time for the emerging singer-songwriter, and the poignancy of “Reassure,” in its entirety, suggests that.

The vibrant video revolves around a still of Faye’s face as it’s surrounded and augmented by soulful imagery that relates and reflects the song’s message. Interspersed throughout the video are live action cuts featuring the musician performing the song.

“Reassure” is the lead single from Deanna Faye’s debut EP, Good To You — which was released on January 29, 2021 and has upwards of 10,000 streams on Spotify. All songs on the EP, including the single, were written by Deanna. It was produced and mixed by Gavin Whelehan and features Charlotte Cornfield (drums), Aimee Bessada (electric guitar), Juan Gabriel Olivares (clarinet) and Ian Koiter (bass).

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