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Have a listen to F-105’s new music


When he’s not writing and performing as Nadjiwan, Marc Meriläinen produces live music events, and works with emerging artists as a producer, co-writer, mentor – you name it really.

In fact, he had been working closely with Kelly Fraser before her untimely death just over a year ago.

Now his Meriläinen Müsic imprint is releasing a new project from F-105, who are ostensibly more of an alt-rock band, but who have released a new EP that is so acoustic and folky that we found ourselves wanting to feature it here.

The band is fronted by Din, who previously played with a band called the Soles and who is also established as a visual artist.

The songs on the EP, Side B, are inspired by a couple of events that Din considers to have been lifechanging for him.

One was his 2018-2019 world tour. The other was the arrival of the pandemic and the isolation that followed, during which Din took up meditation.

Not surprisingly perhaps, the themes of the album relate to self-reflection, the places we’ve gone in our lives and one’s place in the universe,

The production values lend themselves to those reflective themes.

The new EP is called Side B, and it’s the counterpart of, you guessed it, Side A, which, wait for it, hasn’t been recorded yet (OK, I admit it.  This all sounds a little rock n’ roll).

The songs that make up Side B are more stripped down and acoustic, while the songs on Side A need more of a full band sound, so the band opted to release them as two separate packages.  They recorded the pared down acoustic stuff first because, let’s face it, that’s way easier to do during COVID.  They’ll get to Side A when they’re actually allowed to get together again.

So how come they didn’t just call the acoustic set Side A?

Come on.  That would not be nearly as cool.

Have a listen to “Evergreen” of F-105’s new album.


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