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Isabel and the Uncommons play music, do dishes, cook and exercise in their new video


Isabel Fryszberg and her group, the Uncommons, have added to the cannon of COVID art work with this fun video featuring the members of the band playing music and doing their daily activities in their homes.

“End of an Era” is a catchy little folk-pop song that references much of what we’re missing during the pandemic – live music, dancing with neighbours, connection – and it features Rebecca Campbell on vocals; Cleave Anderson on drums; John Switzer on bass; Bob Cohen on electric and acoustic guitars and guest Asher Ettinger on piano.

The project was created in isolation and collectively and methodically stitched together remotely.

The video, conceived by Isabel, cuts together footage of the artists playing and singing with shots of Isabel doing dishes, John making an omelette, Bob running laps through the halls of his condo complex, and Cleave drumming on his cymbals with magic markers. Plus, there’s plenty of spontaneous dancing around the houses, courtesy of Isabel, Rebecca and Cleave, and Rebecca contributed some fabulous graphics to the piece.

The song was arranged by Asher and mixed and mastered by John. The video was edited by Aaron Albert.

Listening to the song, you might be surprised to know that “End of an Era” was not actually written during or about the pandemic. It actually dates back a couple of years and was inspired by the high rents that were already threatening live music venues at the time.

Of course, its refrain about not losing live music is particularly a propos now.

Have a listen!


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