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Updated: here are this year’s Maple Blues Award winners

Photo by Rodney Dranfield.

The Toronto Blues Society wrapped up its four-week series of mini Maple Blues Awards ceremonies with a live stream from Vancouver Monday night.

Rather than simply holding an online event that mimicked the in-person gala typically held in Toronto each year, the TBS used the occasion to spread the love around in a way that isn’t possible with in-person events.

It’s divided the awards up into four groups and held short ceremonies from different cities every Monday in February to announce them.

This past Monday’s grand finale was hosted by Jim Byrnes and Dalannah Gail Bowen.

Here is the full list of winners. Those announced Monday are tagged “new.”

New Horn Player of the Year – Marc LeClerc and Mat “Moose” MousseauNew

New Artist/Group of the Year – Smokewagon Blues Band

New Blues Booster – Cindy McLeod

New Male Vocalist of the Year– Matt Andersen

Drummer of the Year: Gary Craig

Harmonica Player of the Year: Steve Marriner

Piano/Keyboard Player of the Year: Jesse O’Brien

Songwriter of the Year: Colin Linden

Female Vocalist of the Year: Angel Forrest

Entertainer of the Year: Dawn Tyler Watson

Blues with a Feeling Award: Ken Whiteley and Joe Murphy

Bassist of the Year: John Dymond

Recording and Producer of the Year: Steve Sherman and Smoke Wagon Blues Band

BB King International Artist of the Year: Ghost Town Blues Band

Acoustic Act of the Year: Matt Andersen

Electric Act of the Year: Jack DeKeyzer

Guitarist of the Year: Garrett Mason


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