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Jean-Paul De Roover – ‘This Letter’ (lyric video)


Thunder Bay singer-songwriter Jean-Paul De Roover released his two-part thematic albums LOVE and LOSS in 2019 and 2020 respectively, and he’s following them up this year with a pair of EPs in the same vein.

His brand new two-song EP, THIS LETTER, is meant to be an extension of the former album, featuring an acoustic sound with both a timely original (Side A) and a cover song (Side B).

Later this year, he will release the PRISONERS EP, which also features an original and a cover song, although in the alternative/rock style of the latter album.

“This Letter” finds Jean-Paul gently finger-picking a Beatlesque acoustic melody to tell the poignant story of a frontline doctor torn between his dedication to keeping strangers alive during the pandemic, and his all-encompassing devotion to his family. The letter in the title, written to his wife and two young sons, is one that he keeps on his person in case he doesn’t make it through his shift. The song culminates with an agonizing, heartbreaking question that’s tearing him apart.

“The idea that this frontline health care worker was aware of the repercussions of his job but still did it, was something that I found both depressing and fascinating,” said Jean-Paul. “Appreciate your frontline workers as often as you can.”

Jean-Paul got a lot of practice playing his version of the Louis Armstrong classic “What a Wonderful World” because it helped put his son, Ari, to sleep for the first two years of his life (hence the whispered “Goodnight Ari” towards the end). His powerful, soulfully-sung rendition also incorporates some gorgeous, melodic trumpet lines – as if in tribute to Louis himself.

“When live music still happened regularly, this was often an encore during my acoustic performances,” Jean-Paul said.

In order to contrast the bleak subject matter of “This Letter,” Jean-Paul opted to create a light-hearted lyric video that features everyone’s (least) favourite office assistant “Clippy,” as they try to help craft the aforementioned letter.

“You can watch it in glorious 480p resolution!” Jean-Paul said.


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